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Humira @$150/month vs Remicade for Free

Daughter is in the process of getting Humira approved again. The first time, about a year ago, we didn't follow through because we wanted to first try less risky anti-inflammatory methods. Imuran after a 10" resection didn't help. Nor did LDN etc. She's currently on Entocort but it isn't much help so we need to try a heavy-duty biologic. Found out our co-pay is $150/month. Also found out that since Remicade is done as an out-patient procedure, it would be essentially free. Other positive positives: she's a little freaked about the Humira pen, and may be a better candidate for infusion (if they can find her veins...) I hadn't thought to question the doc regarding Humira over Remicade and will do so tomorrow. The $1800/year is a consideration, but not my number one consideration. The big question - is there is a clear advantage of Humira over Remicade for a first time user of these heavy duty biologics?
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Humira is better for the convenience factor (you don't need to sit around for 3-4 hours getting an IV) and it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
Remicade is better in that you only have to get it once every 8 weeks (vs. 2 for Humira) and because when it works, it seems to provide the greatest relief of symptoms.

Pick your poison, so to speak.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Humira @$150/month vs Remicade for Free
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