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07-30-2010, 03:02 AM   #1
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Jersey, Phili, NYC area!

Since this forum is such a great source of information and I love the advice of all of you who have experimented,

Who of you in the area are willing to give me names of GI's or other specialists who they believe are the best in the area?

I know I can find plenty of reviews online, but it's so much easier to trust someone who has worked with them for years.

If I may, I would like someone a little younger (not to sacrifice knowledge) but who will work with me on fears and options. A sense of humor would be great too, it's a language I speak without even knowing sometimes

Dietitians as well! Thank you everyone

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Join Date: Jul 2010
I live in Central North Jersey to be specific (my permanent home at least)
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Location: New York, New York
Hi Idon:

I used to live in Philly until recently. I liked my GI because she was tolerant of my experiments, and that was important to me. She has an open mind. And she is very kind and caring. Here name is Dr. Robin Rothstein at Pennsylvania Hospital Gastrointestinal Associates 215-829-3561.

My integrative medicine doctor was Dr. Birgit Rakel at the Myrna Brynd Center for INtegrative Medicine 215-955-2221.

My primary care physician left the practice so unfortunately I don't ahve a recommedation for that. Good luck!

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Location: Pennsylvania

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I live in Hershey, PA, So its a alittle out of your way but my doctor...Dr. Westra id very cool. Hes like 30? I think, and its very down to earth. Knows how to talk to my age group (18-22)
07-31-2010, 03:40 PM   #5
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Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
I see Dr. Osterman at Penn Presbyterian in Philly. He's very young and very aggressive with treatments. I have been with the GI group at Penn Presby since 2001, originally with Dr Deren and Dr Nusbaum, both of whom have since retired (they were great and I still miss them!)

I also see a functional practioner, Dr Bazzan. His office is in the Audobon area, but he also sees patients at the Byrd Center for Integrated Health at Jefferson.
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Location: new york, New York
integrative GI - Dr Leo Galland (very knowledgeable)
conventional GI (but listens to alternative options and respects patient's opinion) Dr Charles Friedlander at Concorde Medical
08-18-2010, 10:55 PM   #7
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Location: babylon, New York
Dr Stephan Siegal in Great Neck...30 years as a "team" The very best!
08-22-2010, 11:18 AM   #8
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Location: bayside, New York

My Support Groups:
dr seymour katz- manhasset ny, nassau gastro group, great group
emergency stricturplasty surgury april 1, 2010- april fools on me, lol, dianosed mid april chrones, although i had no symptoms- currently on pentassa 8 blue ones a day, vit d, liquid fish oil, and a bunch of other great drugs for my i various problems.

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