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Jeff D.
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Ostomy fun

Sorry I haven't been on much. I've been super busy lately.

Today I had an awful day because of my incident. It really could have been much worse had I not been home. I was eating lunch and when I got up I felt a liguidish material go down my legs. I thought, maybe I peed myself without realizing it for some reason or maybe I had a lot of mucous suddenly pour out but when I got to the bathroom I found out that my Hollister clip failed me and released the contents of my bag all down my legs. It was of course no fun to clean up and I'm still not sure my shorts and underwear will pull through, I'll have to wait for tomorrow though to see. Anyways, I was invited to go hike in a park today and thank the Lord I didn't go because I can just imagine how bad that would have been.

Thanks for reading

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Hey Jeff,

Super busy sounds like you are doing well, YAY! and nothing wrong with your decision making either..........

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Jeff D.
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Yeah, I'm doing really well. I've been writing and learning music as well as studying a lot of theology and philosophy so much of my free time is taken up by these two past times. Plus I've played a few gigs and have been involved in several projects.haha
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Oh wow, that's great Jeff. I'm so happy for you!

Take care,
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aw sorry you had that yukky experience

i don't use clips like that, mostly because they dig into my groin - my appliance has the velcro fastening system, which i'm reasonably happy with.
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Hey Jeff - Sorry men about your experience. It happened to me few weeks ago with the clip but it was my fault since I did not push the clip closed all the way. I don't like the Velcro since it gets messed up.
Glad you are busy, doing things you like. it sounds like you are doing ok.
-Best wishes - Dan

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Jeff D.
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Thanks guys,

Sue, I know what you mean. I used to like only the clip but I think I like convatec's version of the velcro. It really does dig into my groin once and a while. Also, the clip type can really come undone if it presses the wrong way as I found out.haha

Dan, what do you mean that the velcro gets all messy. I've never had that happen before. It always seems the clip is more messy because the stool sometimes creeps up. With the velcro it's much easier for me to shoot water up there and then only one side gets dirty. It's probably just the way we open/close our bags and such. I love how we have so many choices.

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Hi Jeff,
Good to hear from you - but sorry that happened. I guess you were at home when that happened? That thought of that happening in public is so horrible.

I use the Hollister verison of the velcro and love it. So far very secure. I clean with a bottle so it always stays clean. Sometimes I am caught without a water bottle and make do, but I don't know how people do it on a usual basis. It seems like such a mess and was really getting me down before I read about using the water bottle.
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aww jeff, least it happened not in public like you said lol. i feel lucky to never have had such an incident.

i do worry abut the clips failing as well....after a while you can see that they get worn down and are easier to slip open and closed...which is not so good.
i DO like the velcro as well, hollister calls it "lock and roll", but they are way harder to empty IMO. the velcro makes it impossible to roll back the neck of the back when you empty...and its harder to separate the sides from each other to get in there and wipe. the stiffness of the velcro makes it so that you cant slide the sides apart easily.

there is my thesis on pouches, youre welcome. haha
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