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Anal fistula plug

My surgeon wants to try the fistula plug on me. Has anyone else ever had this procedure done? He said that for people with Crohn's Disease, it has around a 50% success rate but I would have to be bed ridden for a couple of weeks. That'a a tall order so I want to do as much research as I can before I make a decision.
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I was offered that option but chose to try Remicade instead (I was resisting starting it). For me my fistula cleared in about a month-it was awesome!

Sorry I don't have more to offer on the procedure itself, sending healing thoughts your way


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I had my fistula filled with fibrin glue, which worked rather well to the surprise of everyone! Wasn't bed ridden at all.
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Surgeons at my Hospital say 30% to 40% chance of success in Crohn's patients in their experience. It's day case surgery and no mention of being laid-up for two weeks. They were going to try this a couple of times, but there was too much infection present and now the track is not considered suitable.

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Just draining seton myself. Heard alot of good things regarding Fibrin Glue. You should ask your GI about that? Or if you happy with the plug then go for it.
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