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Referred Pain

I just was wondering if any of you have "referred pain" -- pain from your Crohn's site that transfers to other parts of your body.

I often have a pain deep in my right shoulder blade whenever I'm having pain in my lower abdomen from Crohn's. It is absolutely tied together as I never have the shoulder pain unless I am having the right sided abodmen Crohn's pain. Sometimes the shoulder pain is worse than the abdomen and the only thing that helps is a therma care heat wrap or a massage. My GI believes the correlation, but has never really been able to explain it. My chiropractors have been able to explain it somewhat better and chirporactic treatments help some, but I still find it very strange. I was wondering if anyone else out there has something similar and has a good explanation as to why it happens?
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Jeff D.
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I have heard several cases of people with joint pains when having a flare or before a flare. I sometimes get knee pain before I get a flare.

Good luck other people can probably help you more on the issue.
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Oh DEFINITELY knee pains... and I have an ankle pain. But I also attribute the knee pains to 9 seasons of being a catcher for softball and five years of dance. The only pain I can't not use the Crohn's card for would be the neck pain I get.
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i get it in my left ribs and a little in my mid back when the crohn's pain is bad
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i get pain in my ribs suddaly, like i could be in a test and i get told off for shouting out owwwww

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