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Looking for a GI doc in SE Mich

My daughter has been on LDN for a couple of months. We're looking for a GI doctor that is willing to work WITH us even if they aren't personally acquainted with LDN (I haven't yet found a GI doc who knew about it). We also want someone who will at least tolerate her using medical cannabis (which has been very beneficial for her in a number of ways.) We are not ready to go the Humira route, and too many docs seem to be pushing these heavy duty biologics. Prefer someone affiliated with St John Providence system for insurance purposes, but this is not an absolute. Above all, the doctor has to be compassionate and able to work with a young adult with some emotional issues.

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I have a PA-c (physician assistant-certified) who gives me scrips for LDN. This is new to her but she is excited by the potential. She has been my main doctor for 15 years or so. She works under a DO in the Botsford system, not your system, but still ...

Her name is Denise Garshott and she works under Dr. Michael Wayne at Northville Family Physicians in Northville. The phone is 248-348-8700. I don't suggest telling them when you make the appt. that you want LDN. They might not be familiar with it. She's only been giving it to me for a year.

Denise also prescribed LDN for my son who has Crohns. We take the scrip to a compounding pharmacy in Farmington Hills (Health Dimensions) for the production of it. It cost about $30 a month if you pick it up there and get 3 months worth. LDN helped my son, but he is too lazy to get it. Sigh. He's 26, and there's nothing I can do for him. Hopefully, your daughter is more compliant.

Oh yeah, Denise also works part-time with a child psychiatrist in Northville named Dr. Woodsworth. He's worthless, but Denise has lots of experience with kids and young adults with problems. She sees my daughter for her schizophrenia.

Good luck. Tell Denise that Elaine Lockhart recommended her. I'll be seeing her soon.
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Thanks for the response; this is a good resource for us. The doc that gave us the LDN script is a DO I'll mention these names to him.

Anyway, we just took our daughter to re-consult with the surgeon who did her resection because of her recent intense pain & nausea. (She'll likely need more surgery, but we'll have a better idea after tomorrows barium enema & small bowel reflux.) We mentioned a number of therapies that we are interested in or are currently using and were surprised to find that he has another patient on LDN, some getting benefits with cannabis, some with SCD, knows about helminth therapy, etc. (Besides his many patients on imuran, Humira, and such.) We are confident in his skills and are happy that he is open to working with us after we get the acute problem under control.

More compliant? A sigh from here as well. She is living at home so compliance is not a major issue. But it is definitely one of our "future worries"...

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Low Dose Naltrexone » Looking for a GI doc in SE Mich
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