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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Anyone have pain like this?

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Anyone have pain like this?

So I'm one year post-op (ileocecal resection). I am getting occasional pains a bit more now that used to. It feels like it is deep inside, but more towards the back - so when it comes on I would put my hand just above my hip, right side (like a pregnant women holding her back), where there pain is and it goes up the whole side like to my rib cage but starts low. I don't know how to describe it except to say that it feels intensely raw and painful, and like my insdies are being squeezed and it can be hard to walk. It comes on for a few seconds, then comes back maybe 30 seconds later, and continues to do this for a short while then goes away. It is hard to walk when it comes on I find myself limping with it and worried that it won't go away, but fortunately it does. I do think it is somehow crohns related because I never felt this kind of discomfort until after the surgery. It does not seem to be associates with blood.

Do you think its crohns? Anyone have similar pain? I'm guessing it could just be inflamed tissue that when food passes through I feel the pain, but it feels/threatens to be breakthrough type pain. Its not happening more than a few times a day so I'm yet to head back to the GI, as I'm getting a scope in a few months.

Thanks for your comments.
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Have you ever had kidney stones? That is what I would be checked for.....sounds similar to the pain I had when I had them......

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hmmm - didn't think of that one. I agree the location suggest a kidney issue, but now that I have read up on it, I'm not sure if it fits. First, I wouldn't necessarily call the pain crampy or sharp - it's more raw and wet and broad feeling into my hip but not the front side so its not into the groin. Second, I have had an ultrasound in the past month (abdomen complete) which said kidneys looked good, and third I dno't have any other urinary symptoms and have never had kidney stones. But sounds like a possibilty- would that kind of pain just come and go over the weeks?

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Anyone have pain like this?
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