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A quarter of my stool was white. Has anyone had this problem before and know what it could mean? I have Crohnís Disease, so I donít know if it can cause this problem. I see the GI doc on the 9th.
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I have a thread about this and other colored stool here:
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Isla said:
I have a thread about this and other colored stool here:
The important bit would be this bit:

A lack of bile in stool. This may indicate a bile duct obstruction. Certain medications, such as large doses of bismuth subslicylate (Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol) and other anti-diarrheal drugs.
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Are you on Pentasa? I had whitish colored stools at times when I was on Pentasa.

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No I’m not taking Pentasa. The only meds that I am on are: Nexium, Phenergan, Ultram and Amitiza. I only take Amitiza when I become constipated.
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Did you recently have Contrast orally for a CT-Scan? or other preperations of the sorts? What foods did you eat lately? Have you been Vomiting or had massive diarrhea?

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