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Is this normal?

Today some yellowy brown fluid was leaking from the bottom of Joe's operation wound. The nurse put a dressing over it and told the doctors who then came in to see us. They said it was because he's on a drip to rehydrate him, which was pumping out this fluid. Now, upon seeing the fluid, my heart rate went through the roof! Because if any of you know the situation that we've had these last 2 weeks, it all started, with fluid coming from the wound. The doctor was reluctant to give him a CT scan but has now said that if Joe wants one he can have one.
Has anyone else had this after have a stoma surgery, or might it be down to how traumatic Joe's surgery was to his body? I'm really frightened at the minute.
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I had plenty of fluid coming out from all over for a few weeks after the surgery. If its coming out of the drains, its usually yellowish and brownish due to blood. If out of the wound, then it may be infected - this happens often if there are staples present. But even after removing the staples my incision oozed for 3 weeks at certain points.
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Hayley as its coming from the wound, more than likely they will need to put him on some antibiotics. It may be an infection. This is unfortunately not uncommon. I too got an infection in my wound, as did alot of us.

Hopefully they will get on top of it with the correct antibiotics. Did they they take a swab to see what it was?
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He was put on the strongest antibiotics before the doctor examined him, just to be on the safe side, but all that was done by the doctor was they wiped it away and put a dressing over it. No swabs were done. I've told him that he needs to ask for a CT scan today, just to be on the safe side, but the doctor who seen him last night was reluctant to give him one as he wasn't concerned, which I found odd considering the hard time we've had recently, that all started with fluid coming from an op wound. We've dealt with the same doctor back in January and he is by far the least cooperative doctor I've ever met. Luckily, both me and Joe have started to make our voices heard now, after being scared into it by what's happened, so things are getting done. I'm glad to hear it isn't uncommon though, that eases my fears a little bit. Thank you!
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My wound did this after about 2 weeks. It had seemed healed up to that point. It was a build up of serous fluid. It is a good thing it comes out, if it doesn't it can lead to an abscess. I had no infection. It leaked for about 2 weeks and eventually the wound healed.

Hope he is ok,

Love Kaz xxx

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My wound did the same thing as well about 12 days after surgery. Every time I would get up, the wound would start gushing crap down my abdomen, groin and legs. I had a CT scan and my surgeon had been considering putting more drain tubes in. But they let it gush out on its own -- the CT scan showed definite build-up of fluids post-surgery.

Initially, I was put on broad-spectrum antibiotics, and although the swabs showed that there wasn't any specific bacteria within the fluid, I was given antibiotics until my temperature came down below 38.5. The degree of antibiotic intervention for your boyfriend will likely be determined by bloodwork, particularly his WBC count and his temperature.

My wound gushed for about 2 weeks, but continued to trickle for a couple more months. I just learned to change the dressing on my own while I was at home, although I did have home nursing to check on the depth/size of the wound and the colour of the fluid coming out. My surgeon also did weekly follow-up.

Hopefully his doctor will get on the ball now with both of you advocating.

Good luck!


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