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MMS (Master MIracle Solution)

Hi everybody, did anyone ever take MMS? Its meant to cure all but I'm very skeptical. I have it but have researched a little and came across very negative things. Was just wondering is there anybody on here who takes it/took it/heard of it?
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If you click on the word MMS in your post (underlined) it will take you to our wiki page with more info
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I don't trust Wiki, at all. I'd love to just talk to someone who has taken it for Crohn's and see how they got on. I thought someone on here might have heard of it is all, thanks
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Rygon isn't referring to wikipedia but rather our own information pages.

MMS has been discussed here before and you will see links to threads at the bottom of the wiki page.

MMS is one of those treatments that is very polarising for people and many have very strong opinions either for or against its use. We have not banned discussion of MMS on this site but do expect any discussion relating to it to be respectful and measured.

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its our wiki page. I.e some people from this site has written it.

We use it a lot to give factual information about anything related to crohns. It'll be worth reading to understand the pros and cons a little bit more

Looking at the page it was actually created by Judith (site doctor), David (owner of this site), Rebecca85 (forum monitor) so im sure everything will be unbiased as well as informative
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D Bergy
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It would be better to ask at this site
Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
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Never heard of it but it sounds crazy and dangerous.
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If you aren't going to read the forum's wiki article on it you could at least click on the link in the wiki that shows what the FDA says about it (here's the link but its also in the wiki
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I am glad you brought up the topic of MMS (Master Miracle Solution). As Crabby, Rygon and DustyKat mentioned in their posts we attempt to offer as much information as possible on all subjects involving IBD to help you make an informed decision about your own treatment (under the supervision of your doctor of course).

It is excellent to be skeptical of any treatment (especially those that claim to be "Miracle" cures). There are multiple treatments that are not FDA approved or are not approved for use in Crohn's Disease or other IBDs that have shown improvement (sometimes dramatic improvement) to IBD symptoms. A couple of examples include Medical Marijuana and Low Dose Naltrexone, LDN. There have been many peer-reviewed publications about both of these treatments (pros and cons).

In contrast to these non FDA approved treatments, the MMS treatment is described as a "Disinfectant". A "Disinfectant" is defined by the CDC as a chemical to be used on non-living objects. Such as lysol would be used to wipe down a countertop or mop a floor. This chemical in industrial settings is required to be shipped with warning documentation about how a person is exposed to the chemical and what body systems the chemical affects. These Material Safety Data Sheets, MSDS, must be available to you as a consumer for all chemicals that you might be exposed to. I posted a link to the MMS active ingredient on the MMS Wiki to help you make your own educated decisions about MMS and whether it is the right treatment for you.

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