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edcolumbiaMD: I am afraid I am not a physician, so I did not understand which labs you had done. Could you please post them so that I can ask my doctor to order them? Thank you very much.
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I do have yeast overgrowth. I was told my baby in the womb or I would die if I didn't take antibiotics for 40 weeks during my pregnancy in 2011 because I had a recurrent UTI, if it went to the kidneys it'd be fatal. After that terrifying pregnancy I was diagnosed immediately with Lymphocytic Colitis. Diet and supplements haven't ridded my LC. I have been back on antibiotics for a staph infection and then recently a sinus infection which led to my second time with C.Diff. I am suffering because I have been on vancomycin a month now, C.Diff didn't clear after first 14 days. So I am back on vanco and tapering for the course of a month. The C.Diff or vanco has caused my LC to flare horrendously. I have been losing so much weight and inflamed that I just began hydrocortisone. I am upset because this all equals more yeast. I just want to get healthy but feel 1 step forward, 2 steps back. If only diet and Nystatin would stop the horrendous diarrhea. I just don't know what to do and feel really hopeless, frustrated and in "no man's land" with the mainstream gastroenterologists. I am thirty-five and pray that there is a way to get me well. My husband and children suffer so greatly over this, too, and they are my life. To have one solid bowel movement a day versus copious diarrhea would be a dream. I tried to treat my sinus infection for 14 before succumbing to antibiotics. All my hard work to cleanse my body of pathogens/yeast feels nixed now. Any support or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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iriechic, have you tried FMT. Very highly recommended for CDiff! Since you have CDiff you can legally get it done via colonoscopy by a GI doc. If that isn't an option many people DIY. My daughter had one when she had recurrent CDif and it helped eliminate it.
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Thanks Searchingforhealth. I did FMT last year. I hoped it would put MC in remission but it did eradicate C. Diff. The D lindered a long time post C.Diff though which is crazy making mentally. I used a donor from GI since husband not good stool criteria. I had CDSA Genova prior to FT, no parasites. Post FMT, I managed to obtain blastocystis hominis. I am frustrated that ova and parasites are routinely missed by lab corp, quest, and hospitals. Hope to use FIL this time. Hoping an enema would work because my intestines so inflamed. After first 1st 14 course this year, used DIY with husband but retested positive for C.Diff. Darn bug!!!
Thanks for smart idea!
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Just checking in on this very informative thread since its been awhile and was a little shocked to see its been in remission for so long.. normally remission would be a great thing but not in this case lol.. Anyways I hope all is going well, David and if you have any updates to your treatments and diet im sure we'd all love to hear them.. I know i would as im struggling and scared to deviate much from my meat and veggie diet thAT has kept my bowel movements to a minimum in the mornings but im still struggling to get healed up id guess you could say as i cant get my stools 'normal' and it takes a half a roll of tp to finish the job of wiping.. Before being diagnosed with MC and in my low carb eating days it was a breeze to clean up.. now as mentioned its a chore...malabsorption?

Another thing that has me a little worried is the weight loss.. I've gone from 335 down to 165 since last april.. I have been pretty darn real lowcarb the whole time and work keeps me walking a lot and now running more as im doing valet for the last month.. I know i should probably be adding in more carbs but im just afraid it will screw up my BM schedule and with work that would be a really bad thing.. Shrugs...

I know from another forum that i wont mention but they really advocate...GF/DF/Ect and really push the entrolab testing.. I have pretty much done the aforementioned but not the testing for intolerances because mostly of lack money and it seems by reading there its almost a guarantee that everybody there with MC is going to get the bad news about Gluten, dairy, ect food intolerance's...

Enough rambling lol.. Take care all and I hope spring is bringing everybody happiness and new starts to healing and dealing with our crappy individual situations.
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I'm doing great. Frankly, I question my diagnosis of LC. I absolutely believe that I had high lympocytes and chronic inflammation on the microscopic level, but I suspect more and more that what they were seeing was the microscopic manifestation of a macroscopic problem (musculoskeletal). Is that the case for everyone with MC? Probably not. But I do believe it was the case for me. I say this because when I feel things starting to get bad again, doing a single stretch a couple of times a day for a few days returns everything to normal.

One thing I can't explain is the eye inflammation. That hasn't been back in a LONG time.

I still eat extremely healthy and have maintained a lot of my life changes, but I still believe the issue was macro and they were looking at the micro manifestations.
It's good to be back
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So glad this thread resurfaced. I never saw it and find it fascinating! Thanks!
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