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Sick relatives - WWYD?

I had my first infusion of Remicade last Friday, the 14th, and my second scheduled for a week from tomorrow.

Due to this treatment, my immune system is supposedly vulnerable (although I'm taking a bunch of vitamins to try and help), and I'm trying to avoid germy people as much as I can. My husband just called and said his parents have both been really sick with the flu or cold since they got back last week from vacation, but they "should" be feeling better by Monday when we are supposed to be there. They live 3 hours away and we only see them a couple of times a year like Christmas, so it's usually a big deal that I come with him.

I also know his mom usually spends an entire week preparing the food, she makes the desserts days in advance to lessen the workload, noodles are homemade days before, and I'm just imagining her carrying on with the cooking even if she's not feeling well, because she's that kind of mom.

I told him maybe I would just stay home while he goes and that it's probably best if I'm not around people that are getting over a sickness. I really don't want to eat their food if they are preparing it while sick, and I'm not sure I trust that I won't catch what they have even if they are "feeling better" than they are at this point. Should I go anyway and take my chances, since it sounds like that's what the husband wants me to do, or push to not go at all on the risk that I might get sick? Am I being selfish now for not wanting to see them while sick? Normally I wouldn't be SO guarded, but I feel like I'm already trying to dodge sick-bombs at work and then this comes up days before we are supposed to be there.

Anybody got any advice or what to say what you would do in this situation? I'm sure they would understand if I didn't come, but at the same time they would probably think I am using it as an excuse or something (which I'm totally not, I really do like my in-laws). I just feel bad either way, but unsure what I should do.
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Hi Longhorn
I think what I would do in this situation is to seek the advice of the remicade coordinator,
or nurse.Whoever is responsible for you while on remicade treatments would likely know best since they see remicade patients all the time.
Hugs and best wishes
Feel better soon
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In my opinion. I don't think that your immune system will go down a lot on a first dose, My daughter is on her third dose, everybody with a cold in her class, and she did not get it. ask your Doctor. Best wishes
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Thanks for the response. I ended up going anyway, as they were feeling better by Monday and thought everything would be fine. While I survived and don't feel any worse than before we went, my husband caught something and started feeling the crud as we were leaving their house, which progressed all day long and now he's coughing and sneezing. I ended up sleeping in the spare room last night to avoid his germs, but that's so weird how he got sick and I didn't. Guess my daily vitamins are helping, or I got lucky this time.

Second infusion is scheduled for this Friday, so hopefully I can manage the next few days without getting the crud that my husband is dealing with today. Meanwhile, I'll walk around with my lysol disinfectant bottle and keep a guard up. ;-)
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Good luck
Fwiw my DS is exposed to all that is germy - being 9
So far so good.
Hope Thursday goes smoothly
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