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Crohn's and Running

Hi all,

I was diagnosed about 1 year ago with crohn's and am currently taking injections of Humira once every two weeks. I consider myself to be extremely active, exercising and playing sports 4-5 times a week. However, I've had a lot of difficulty with running the past few years. Any time I'm running (outside and on treadmills), I have to stop after about a mile because of pains in my abdomen. Originally, my doctor thought I had a torn oblique but that was likely a misdiagnosis.

I usually do the stairmaster and elliptical for about 40 mins each with no struggle, so I'm thinking the issue with the pain has something to do with the impact of running.

Is anyone else struggling with this? Any ideas on how I might be able to improve it?

Thanks in advance for your time and replies, it's greatly appreciated.
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I was struggling for awhile, but since being on Remicade, I am back to running again. I am almost back to where I was before for weekly distance even. 80km this week (50 miles).
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The jolting sensation in my stomach makes running or jogging impossible. Feels like my gut is just bouncing up and down.

On the plus side you can cycle or swim...and let's face it they're both superior to running. (Plenty of others will disagree teeheehee)
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Hi eg11,

Many years before I was ever diagnosed with crohn's, I used to get really bad abdominal pain while running. It went away almost completely when I started carrying water with me on runs. I've been carrying water for the last 10 years or so -- even on short runs, and it almost never happens anymore.

You may also want to take a look at what you are eating before you run and the timing. Foods that are high in fiber or high in fat can cause problems when you are running, as can running too soon after you eat.

It's my understanding that running can cause more GI symptoms than other sports, like swimming or cycling -- my guess would be the high impact!

Of course, I totally disagree with kel above -- running rules! But my advice would be to take it slow -- if you want to keep running, keep it short until you figure out what works best for your body. And if you don't already have one, try a hydration belt!
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Thanks @prettykitty, that info is really helpful! I'll definitely try running with more water tomorrow.
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Thanks @Alliruns and @kel. I appreciate your help and feedback!

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