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New to the group

Hi...I'm new to the group. I've been diagnosed with crohn's for about 4 weeks now. I've been suffering with problems for over 3 years before the docs figured it out. 4 weeks ago I was in a lot of pain and stop eating completely and was just managing to sip water. I lost a stone & half in a few weeks and this is why I got admitted to hospital were I spent over a week while they diagnosed me. I do feel relieved to know what I have. I still get some pain every so often in my side. The steroids are helping but I struggle with taking the meds. When I google stuff it can get confusing. I haven't been told anything about my diet and what sort of foods to eat ect.
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It's definitely a relief to get a diagnosis and know your suffering has a real cause. There is no Crohn's diet. One food may be great for someone and horrible for the next. Typically though we avoid raw vegetables and any vegetables are cooked well. We generally avoid nuts, seeds and popcorn or anything with too much fiber that can aggravate an inflamed gut. As for other things it really needs to be a trial and error for you to see what bothers you.
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Sounds like my story too. If you are scared, try not to be, you really aren't alone. Don't get overwhelmed with all the information there is out there. Just don't be afraid. I was told I needed surgery and a year later some things reversed, and now, while I have pain everyday, surgery is no longer necessary. Don't smoke, don't drink, and watch all the sweet stuff. What ever could send you running to the lavatory before will surely make it an unforgettable experience now with Crohn's.

The best thing anybody ever told me was "You are stronger than this. Don't let it get you down."

So please, try not to let it get you down. Stress and depression make things suck pretty bad.
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Definite no no for me is onions in any form or anything with with shell/skin like beans, peas or sweet corn. Deffo trial and error.

Now you have been diagnosed you will be surprised how many people you come across who have it too.

Good luck
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Oh my, I know what you mean about too much information to start. Take it slowly. You really will want all the info eventually, but I bet right now you're just trying to get your head around it huh?

Take it from a 15 year Crohns patient, we are all different, but after reading a lot of these threads, we have a lot in common too.

Watch what you eat to start, then stay away from things that hurt. Keep a food diary to help as you get going. That really helps.

Good luck, and sorry to welcome you to the club.
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Thanks for all the replies. It is funny that since I was diagnosed the amount of people who have CD as well. My boss phoned me up when I was home from hospital and welcomed me to the club as he has CD to!. My doctor does want me to have an op to have the bad bit cut out. The food stuff is goin ok. Thanks again everyone x

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