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No medication :)

Does somebody have any advice or know if a flare up can go away on its own just thru diet, exercise , and nutritional supplements? I have uc, and I'm having my first flare up because I'm newly diagnosed and I haven't started medication yet?
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A mild case can sometimes respond to a dietary approach but anything more moderate to severe likely requires medication. It's a conversation you need to have with your doctor.
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My friend at work has a brother and he watches what he eats and he is not on any medications and I guess he is doing great. He has Colitis.
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From what I've read UC tends to not respond well to dietary changes. It wouldn't hurt to try one of the diets to see if it helps, but for UC diet is less likely to improve your condition.

I've read of exceptions to that here on the sight, and other places were diet did help UC. You might take a look at Robb Wolf's paleo program as he has written about having UC and being able to control his disease through diet. He'll also post testimonials from other with UC that have seen some success. One testimonial from his sight:

"Testimonial: Reversing Ulcerative Colitis"

& Dr. Hunter who researches dietary ideas for IBD conditions has written this about diet ideas for UC patients.
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Wolf has UC? Was that mentioned in his book?

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Yeah, Robb mentions his developing colitis, with doctors recommending he have his colon removed in his book. He dropped from 180lbs to 140lbs after being a champion powerlifter in high school.

Recall this interview of Robb where he discusses his UC.

"Guest Post: Robb Wolf Answers Your Paleo Diet Questions"
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Thanks for the info .. I am for sure gonna check out the links to see about the diet also someone mentioned to me about getting my body PH In good balance, and to make sure it's not to acid ..... To eat more alkaline foods , and drink ionized water to help they have test strips at the health food store to see if the body is to acidic.... they also said , if it is your more vulnerable for disease to set in
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working out will help you maintain a good appetite, and meal routine after you've found a rotation of foods that work for you. I'm not super familiar with UC but if you can go no meds through healthy eating and lifestyle, rock it
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"getting my body PH In good balance"

paleo is an alkalising diet,

paleo for IBD

paleo and ph
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If you give the Ph diet a try, hope it works out well. Good luck.

Forgot to mention earlier, but recall this evening, you might additionally look into probiotic drinks such as kefir and kombucha. Both can be found in stores, or you can make your own at home. I've seen mentions that both drinks help some with UC.
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i have been trying to do it all with diet and i can control diarhea, but not inflammation. The definition of remission differs somewhat and may be hard to verify at all by your doctor.

from 4 years experiance and no drugs, in a severe case like mine, its impossible to get a full remission, but you can reduce diarhea quite a bit.

i should have tried more drugs. right now, im weeks away from doing a fecal transplant, and still not pursuing drugs. although i do take some lialda which helps a bit but also makes my joint pain come back.

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