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Imuran Injections - Has anyone tried them?

Saw my GI this week and since I can't get approval from the government to go on humira he is going to put me on imuran injections once a week at 25 mg (I think mg but it was 25 something). Anyone else been on the injections. He was saying that it should work fairly quickly. I was reading about daily injections but he definitely said only once a week as there was a case of a lady on daily injections from a town near here that died from too much of the drug. Looking for input. Also on Pentasa but no steroids due to being a brittle diabetic (as the Dr has referred to).
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I didn't know you could get Imuran injections (didn't know it came like that) that's pretty cool that it works quicker
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I haven't but here's information on it: Seems like it can be taken daily or every other day (its referring to arthritis though yet it says it can take up to 2 months to notice any effect). I'm sure the dose plays a major factor though. Once a week sounds more like Methotrexate. Either way be sure to stay on top of your blood work (should be done at least once a month) and inform your doctor of any side effects right away.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Imuran/Azathioprine/6-MP » Imuran Injections - Has anyone tried them?
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