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My doctor wants to start me on Azulfidine (generic is Sulfasalazin) 500 mg two pills twice a day for a total of 2000 mg in all. Anybody been on this drug for Crohn's? Thanks.
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Hi. My son was on Azulfidine for arthritis. Is a 5-ASA like apriso, pentasa, asacol. etc. Mostly use for arthritis and ulcerative colitis. (also for Crohn's and ankylosing but not know that is approved by FDA) I believe it dissolves when it reaches the colon, I guess it depends where your Crohn's is located. JUST MY OPINION I am not a doctor or expert.
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I have discovered that none of these drugs have had an old fashioned trial but are just put on the market and hopefully docs will notify the FDA when problems arise. Sort of scary if you need to take a new drug that hasn't been on the market lately. I'm also finding out that very few of these drugs disolve in the small intestine where my Crohn's is located but I guess it's better than nothing. Thanks again.
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I've been on sulfasalazine for about 3 years now, and am technically in remission. I don't have any problems with side effects - it certainly is an older class of medication, and I think mainly useful for colitis (Crohn's or ulcerative)
However, on the positive side, it's side effects are usually relatively benign, so that's a significant plus!!

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That's good to know. This is the third drug I'm trying so I hope it works. Do you take it twice a day or one every eight hours. Thanks for you input.

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