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Taking LDN for almost 3 weeks!

I got my LDN prescription from Skip's on Oct 4th ! The dr. wanted me to take 1.5 mg for 3 weeks, then 3.0 for 3 weeks, then go to 4.5.... I started with 3.0 for 5 days, then went to 4.5. Although I am dreaming more than I normally do, it's not the colorful, vivid dreams that Kevin got, (so I feel a little ripped off)! I did have some major insomnia for the first several nights, but that is much better now.
I am having some symptoms of perhaps a mini flare - I have had very few issues since my surgery in July 2012, so I wasn't sure how the "getting worse before you get better" would be for me. I am being very careful about what I eat, so I don't think that is what is causing the pain and diarrhea that I am having, not every day, but several times a week, and the pain gets pretty bad - double me over pain, but doesn't last to long. So, here's my question - do any of you who are on LDN think that this is my "getting worse...."? I want so bad for this to work for me, and I am worried that I am not getting worse enough for it to be working!
Any thoughts or advice?
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I know what you are going through... and I'm not referring to the flare like symptoms. I'm talking about that gut wrenching fear that it isn't going to work... the waiting for a 'sign'... something concrete... irrefutable... that it is working. It is a tough thing to bear. I can't promise you it will work for you... anymore than I could be certain it was going to for me. But, we both roll the dice with the same odds of winning, and they're pretty good odds.

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Everyone is a little different with symptoms of getting worse before getting better. I think any sign is a good sign that something is happening. I totally agree wth Kev about the gut wrenching fear of it not working. I have only been on the full dose for 6 months now but am definitely seeing good improvement, but it is very slow. The waiting is hard and the worrying that it isn't working or will stop improving. We all want to feel better quickly, and have our lives back but hang in there. Just remember it is very slow and after only 3 weeks I certainly was still in the worse before better stage.
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Thank you both, Kev and Wendy. I think that because I have had basically no, or very mild symptoms since my surgery, I was thinking that "getting worse" wasn't going to be what is happening! Yesterday, I had to go and do some shopping, and I spent more time in the restrooms than I did shopping, and that has never happened before... of course I kept reminding myself that before my surgery, I stayed home a lot!
I am glad that I am having symptoms, because I believe that it is because the LDN is working! I am fine with it if I am at home or at work, and will have to plan better for anything else I do for a while!
I have started reading a book called "The Inside Tract" written by a dr and a nutritionist, suggested to me by the doc who prescribed LDN for me. I am finding it very easy to read, and very informative and helpful. It is really amazing what happens in the gut!
I will definitely stick with the LDN! I really appreciate your responses and support!

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