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Help! My tongue hurts!

I'm not for sure if this is related to my Crohn's, but I've heard it can be. My tongue (mostly the middle to tip of it) is KILLING me! Ever since my hospital stay last week it has this raw/burning/PAINFUL sensation to it! Sometimes when I eat things it feels like it's about to burn off. It almost feels like I have cuts or burns or something on it. I've tried eating a lot of ice and popcicles, but nothing seems to be helping it. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do? I am miserable!!!
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This is actually a common symptom with me and it is extremely uncomfortable. Coffee doesn't bother me unless it is dark roast. And dark roast sets off the burning tongue as well. Cinnamon does it too. Oh, and pineapple. Ice etc doesn't help. Only time. It usually disappears after a few hours. Remicade hasn't helped with this either. So I avoid the foods that bug me or pay the price.

First diagnosed 12/4/10
Humira 4/7/11 and lovin' it

Previous Meds:

Methotrexate--had kidney/liver damage
Lialda--allergic to aspirin--but didn't know until my Crohn's got much worse.
Prednisone--only when I have to!
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I've got this right now and ouch is all I can say as a matter of fact it's that painful I'm having trouble pronouncing some words!!

I have no idea what sets mine off but I know when I take iron tablets I don't have it but I'm not taking them just now but my iron levels are apparently ok so I shouldn't need them.

I will look out for and food links so thanks for the tip carrollco
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I get this on and off , the only thing that helps a little is warm salt mouth rince, just dissolve a 1/8 teaspoon of salt in 1/2 glass of warm water and rince a few times. Hope this helps
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When I had this before I was prescribed Difflam mouthwash. I also used Corsydl *but water it down*. They didn't take it away, but at least gave me a bit of relief so I could fall asleep/drink
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I've had this, yes corsadyl does seem to help
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I get this when my iron and b12 are low. I also get little fissures in the corners of my mouth if it's really bad. It passes once I bring up my levels. I rinse my mouth with coconut oil while I'm in the shower.

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