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Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » Flare after colonoscopy - common?

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Flare after colonoscopy - common?

Hi all,
I'm just wondering if it is common to feel worse after a colonoscopy. I was already in a flare and my recent colonoscopy showed that my crohns has gotten worse, but, ever since the day I had it done 2 weeks ago I have been so sick. All my symptoms are a lot worse. So, is it all in my head or can having a procedure done make things worse down there?
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hmm well i dont really remember feeling significantly worse after any of mine, but i would think that it would tend to really irritate things in there.
oh wait, well, the preps are always really harsh on me actually, the actual procedure doesnt seem to bother me, but the prep sets me off for days.
and also remember that during the scope they take biopsies, which cant be too fun for your already sick and sore intestines to get pulled on. it probably adds in extra healing that your body has to do.

kinda just speculating on all this...but it would seem normal to me to feel extra crappy. maybe call your doc just to make sure though...dont wanna wait too long on something just cause you "think" it might not be a big deal. we have all made that mistake before. better to be proactive.
hope it gets better!
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Yeah what Kello said. The last prep messed me up for 3 days or so, but did settle. Two weeks is a bit long tho. Best talk to a doc.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » Flare after colonoscopy - common?
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