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Anyone have experience with SIBO? What were your symptoms, and what drugs did you take to help it? They just called in an antibiotic for me as they think I might have it...

I had the pill cam and just got the results - they said that it looked good.. I had been in a flare for 3 months and had 2 weeks of resolved symptoms before the pill cam.. and then the day after when I tried to eat after the prep, i had killer pains again.. and blood in my stool again.. ugh.. so no real diagnosis as to why I am not absorbing things or the blood ..
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How are you now bny806? I'm in a similar situation. I had the hydrogen breath test a few days ago and it was strongly positive for SIBO. Just started xifaxan.

My pill cam showed diffuse ulcerations at the end of jejunum where there was also thickening of the intesinal wall. My ASCA antibodies are high, i have iritis and joint inflammation and now SIBO. I have "it has to be Crohn's" but no one will diagnose.

My GI put in a referral to Mayo this week too. I think that may be the only way I get an answer. At least I hope they will find an answer.
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Hi! So, I am several months out from the xifaxin and My stomach problems are still fixed.. I am AMAZED at what it did for me!! \

My whole family can tell a difference with my stomach - the way it looks.. for over 3 years I just was so bloated, couldn't suck in no matter what! I thought that was just the way my body was going to be now... so I have loved having my old stomach back..

I stick to the SCD diet pretty strictly, with the exception of an occassional small sweet and potato chips!

As far as the xifaxin goes- the first 10 days or so were pretty miserable.. I looked 8 months pregnant i was so bloated up, cranky and seriously craving food! And then, one day my intestines calmed down, and were my "old" intestines I vaguely remembered!

Good luck, and keep me updated! I hope you have the same great results! Are you doing the SCD diet as well?
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Location: Dallas, Texas
Thank you for the update. I'm so glad to hear you responded well to Xifaxan. I'm on day 4 of treatment. I can't say I see any difference so far.

I don't have bloating, never have. I wonder if the breath test was accurate. As I understand it, the readings will be low when the lactulose is in the small bowel and rise quickly as soon as it hits the colon (where there should be high bacterial count). My count started rising about the time the lactulose sent me running to the bathroom so I wonder if the reading was high because my transit time is very fast.

I just looked up the SCD diet. I am not on any specific diet right now other than I eat what I want. I've been trying to get and keep my weight up. I love veggies but they don't always love me.

I guess we will see how things go on xifaxan. I will keep you updated.

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