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Crohs & alcohol

Well my 21st birthday is in a couple weeks and I was just wondering if any of you had any tips. I know alcohol can cause pain and bloating. I probably won't have any beer. I want to celebrate but not get sick. Any advice? Thanks!!
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I see you're on flagyle. Don't touch alcohol while on that drug. My pharmacist told me not to even use mouthwash while on flagyl.

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I'm actually off of it now. I should probably update that.
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That's good
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Hey, I find usually clear liquids fine, I'm no sicker the next day and if I am, it's just a hangover - nothing to do with my colon! Vodka mixed with Coke, or Sprite is good or if you're not loving soda, try juices Have a happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday!
Personally, I haven't noticed anything, but since being diagnosed in 2010, I decided to stick to clear alcohol after reading what others had to say on what they drink, and drinking only 2-3 cups when going out while also drinking water to be on the safe side. It is not an easy decision, that's for sure. Asking for Vodka Cranberry when you go to a bar while everyone else is downing beers - you get some funny stares haha.
I spent a lot of time reading what others had to say and the majority said to stick with clear drinks so I went with that approach without trying others. But you could always see what works for you by starting off slow with a different drink each time you go out.
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Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, ... 'til you can't no more
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Personally I avoid too many carbonated beverages (though beers are my favorite, I drink a lot fewer now than I used to) as they cause lots of gassiness and bloating if not at the event then the next day for sure.

Clear alcohol seems to fare better with some crohn's patients though depending on the medication you are on you could have some major hangovers the next day from making your liver work so hard to both break down alcohol and your meds. If you absolutely must drink, try having a glass of alcohol followed by a glass of water and continue to do it in that order to keep your system hydrated.

Just be as responsible as you can and enjoy your birthday!
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This thread doesn't appear active but does anyone else have a really high tolerance? I met another Crohnie that does. Maybe it's the poor absorption aspect of Crohn's or something immune related? I realized when I was drinking the same amount as my friends and they were all drunk but I wasn't even buzzed, and it happened every time.

I avoid beer cause of the bubbles and I just don't like wine. But I do enjoy whiskey and it's my go-to drink.

Anyway, just wondering if there are others who share this experience.
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I enjoy having a scotch in the evenings and it does not bother my system. I also take a glass of red wine with the evening meal, I find wine helps with my digestion, red more so than white.
I have to stay clear of beer, the carbonation and yeasts cause me grief. I also stay clear of sugary drinks and carbonated ones with soda.
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The last two times I had a beer my stomach inflated like a balloon so I'm avoiding it completely now, since then I've had mulled wine, red wine, and cider without getting the bloating.

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