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Boswellia & Slipper Elm

I just bought supplements of Boswellia and Slippery Elm. I am wondering how much of this I should take? Should I start with only one a day and gradually increase. The bottle for Slippery Elm says 4pills 3 times a day. seems a little much. I am wondering if there are different doses for us.
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What are the benefits? Just out of curiosity - I've seen them both on Pinterest, but I am skeptical.
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Not sure on the side effects or the effective dosage of Boswellia--I think further studies may have concluded it is only as effective or slightly better than Pentasa versus placebo (in my biased and experienced opinion, pentasa is an expensive placebo with side effects). I'm going from memory, but I think you need to take quite a bit, like 4 grams a day or so, to have any effect (which may or may not be negligible) and it must high in the active ingredient, AKBA. Take high amounts for a long time might cause weird arm rashes in some people, or maybe block mineral absorption--don't quote me on that. Do a search on for "boswellia and crohn's" or that and side effects, etc..

Slippery Elm is probably good for you as long as you don't have significant strictures--these may cause discomfort if you take 3+ grams since slippery elm is more of a prebiotic fiber, in my mind. However, I think--not certain or professionally qualified--slippery elm probably helps maintain a healthy layer of mucin in the digestive tract which may be as important as a steady supply of quality probiotics.

Search this site for the "Boswellia extract effective in Crohn's, colitis" thread which speaks more factually than my clouded memory on the subject of, specifically, the AKBA concentration of Boswellia and possible side effects:
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