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Crohn's Disease Forum » Ulcerative Colitis Forum » Qustions about Imuran and severe abdomen and back pain.

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Qustions about Imuran and severe abdomen and back pain.

Hello everyone. I have a few questions for those of you who have taken or are taking imuran. I have been on the med for about 4 months now. I take it at night when I eat dinner. The first 3 months I did fine and had no side effects or any issues with it. However recently I have been getting severe pain around my stomach area and in my mid to upper back. It comes on about 4 or 5 hours after I take the meds so I usually wake up in a lot of pain. Then for the next 3 or so hours I have severe pain that is constant for the most part and kind feels like my stomach area swells up as well. Then all of the sudden after a few hours it starts to fade away. I do not get sick at my stomach or have fever so doc says its not acute pancreatitis.

Has anyone experienced this before? The doc did some labs but far as I know they came back ok because I never heard back from them. She just stated that I should keep a journal of when and what happens. Im to the point were im scared to take the damn thing. Anyway any advice or info would be great. Thanks!

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Hi, I had a problem when I first started taking Imuran which went away when I moved timings around for taking the pills, also someone else mentioned it on here not long after ( I have linked that post) . The only difference I would say is that it felt like a typical back pain - I didn't notice any swelling of the tummy or anything like that.
Keep on to the doc if it doesn't go away.
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Thanks I will try and move the doses around. Do you take it all at once or split it up throughout the day?
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I was never on a very high dose - they had to wean me onto it slowly for some reason, so I used to take it all at once and just moved it to a different part of the day. I am on a rest from it altogether at the moment ( so I guess it did it's job ).
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Sounds like it could be pancreatitis, which is a side effect of Imuran.

Do you get the same pain if you do not eat? If you withhold nutrients and pain subsides after you take medication it will give you a hint.

If it is pancreatitis, I would stop taking the medication and call your GI first thing.

I had one on Imuran and had pain in my stomach that felt different than the pain of a flaring colitis, plus the shooting pain that went all the way to the back. Very painful, very annoying.
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I agree with Francis---it could be pancreatitis and if it continues you should
Be seen by your gastroenterologist very soon
There is a blood test called serum amylase which if raised from normal levels is indicative
Of pancreatitis
Do you know whether this has been done.if not it should be tested and soon
Imuran is known to cause pancreatitis in a small number of people
Hugs and best wishes
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Pancreatitis usually sets in before 8 weeks with Imuran if it is going to happen. However, it can happen at any time and should not be taken lightly. I had pancreatitis with Imuran. I was stuck dealing with my GI's nurse, who did not take my symptoms serious and basically brushed me off, until my GI got back into town. I had back pain and vomiting, but no fever. Some people have pancreatitis and no symptoms, though this is rare. Blood tests showed only mild pancreatitis, but my GI stopped Imuran right away. The fact that it happens in the same pattern each night is suspicious. Keep pushing to find out your lab results. Just because you haven't heard back from the doctor's office doesn't mean everything is fine; it could be that the office just hasn't called you back yet.
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I had pancreatitis with imuran. It was kind of like having a kidney stone. Really painful. If your pain perstst, get it checked out
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How are you doing now jzalesky? Did things get any better for you?
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Ulcerative Colitis Forum » Qustions about Imuran and severe abdomen and back pain.
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