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Crohn's Disease Forum » Parents of Kids with IBD » UC and Type One Diabetes in Teens

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UC and Type One Diabetes in Teens

My son was just diagnosed with UC. Because of the Type One Diabetes, we tried a lower dose of Prednisone, which did not help the UC symptoms, it only threw is blood sugar levels out of control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Oh man! Sorry to hear this. I don't know about it's use with diabetes but there is an alternative to steroids and that is Exclusive Enteral Nutrition. This is where the patient does not eat or drink anything other than nutritional shakes for a period of 6-8 weeks. Some people are allowed broth and such but mostly you will find it is exclusively shakes. They do have a lot of sugar in them though so I am not sure what affect on the diabetes that will have. There are a number of different formulas out there. Perhaps the GI and endo can work together to figure out which might be best.

EEN has been shown in many studies to induce remission just as well as steroids and even better because it does help with mucosal healing where the steroids might not.

I do think it is more effective with Crohns than UC but that being said, my daughter's disease was almost all colon and it worked for her. It also worked for her friend with UC.

What maintenance med is he on? Most of them take a while to get to therapeutic levels. The Biologic are a bit faster working and could cut down on this initial period quite a bit.
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Thanks so much !! We go to the doctor today so I will check with him. I don't know if I can get a 17 year old boy not to eat for that long. lol

He was just diagnosed on January 21st, so we are new to this. He has been diagnosed with T1D for 11 years, so we are pros at that.

I really appreciate your response.
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Forgot to point out that water is always allowed. Not much of a consolation but it is something.

It is a difficult therapy. My older daughter was desperate for a solution and did very well with it. My younger one is having a slightly more difficult time of it. We just take it a day at a time. If the doc feels it is a good alterative you could always just try. No harm in that. If he finds it to difficult then you can have a back up plan. That is how we worked it with my younger what you can and if at any point you want to bail, just ay the word. The first 3 days are the hardest. After that they sort of get used to it.

Good luck at he appointment. Let us know how it goes.
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Is he on prednisone? I don't know a lot about UC (my daughter has Crohn's), but entocort is a steroid that works differently further down in the GI tract and has fewer systemic side effects. You may consider that option with your son's doctors.
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Paging Aura

I think her dealing with both Crohn's and Diabetes.
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Uceris covers just the colon but less issues than pred
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