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Trying ayruveda

Hello everyone,
The last time I posted my story with crohn's (Time for second surgery....) I told that the doctor had suggested me to undergo surgery due to stricturing in my colon in two different portions. Since I had already lost major portion of my colon in my previous surgery in 2012 I was hesitant to undergo a second surgery. Hence, after speaking with family I decided to try alternative therapy for crohn's and being in India it seemed like ayruveda is a good option.

I decided to visit a hospital in kottakkal, kerala it's named Arya vidya sala which is quiet a well known place for ayruveda. I met the chief doctor yesterday after seeing my reports he suggested that surgery is not required and the condition can be treated with ayruvedic therapy and diet . However, he clearly said that there is no PERMANANT CURE for crohn's even in ayruveda but the disease can be kept under control with a strict diet and exercise and very minimal medicines whenever the need arises.

Since, I have major stricturing he suggested that my treatment will be for long time but once I am done with the treatment my internal system will be brought back on track and I can manage the disease myself. For now the diet restrictions are very strict it's been two days I am only on soft/liquid diet I am eating (I would rather say drinking! !) clear soups, fruit juice, smashed rice, arroot porridge, dried banana powder, buttermilk all are prepared by water as I cannot tolerate milk. I am not supposed to have any solid food ( even fruits and boiled / raw vegetables) . Basically I am having baby food. Doctor suggested that since my internal system is completely damaged ( that's the reason body's immunity is on self damaging mode) they will give a holistic treatment and cleanse my system bringing it to normal mode, by which my stricturing caused due to crohn's also will be treated. Strangely the doctor said I wouldn't be needing any massages but on my personal interest I could get massages done for relaxation. I am continuing allopathic medications too because any medication brought to sudden stop will put additional stress on my body.

Though I was happy about doctors assurance that i would get my health (life) back. I am feeling the food restrictions are too strict currently I am admitted for 14 days and I have been told to continue the same food after discharge too maybe for months until to am on complete remission. I am on different kinds of ayruvedic medicines hard to describe them. Once my crohn's goes into remission the I can start to include normal food based on the doctor's advice.

It's hard for me to go through the food regime. I am hoping for good results after the treatments. Will keep you all posted regarding my treatment and health improvements......

Kindly share your experiences if anyone has found benefits in ayruveda. Since its my first time I am anxious, hearing your experiences could be inspiring
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I hope all goes well for you on your path!
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Thank you
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If you use the search function at the top of the forum, you'll find some other people who are trying ayurveda as well. I'm not sure how well it has worked with them, but if you reach out, I'm sure some can provide insight.
It's good to be back

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Trying ayruveda
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