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Hair issues!

I have always had healthy, thick, wavy hair. Since my friend Crohn's has come along my hair has either been straw like (coarse, brittle, lots of split ends) or feeling soft, but thinning. Seriously what the hell?!?!

I started taking Omega 3 thinking that would help and changed my shampoo/conditioner to no avail. I just feel like I can't win. Right now it doesn't feel like straw, but is for sure thinner and seems like I am shedding hair all day.

Oh AND my scalp is dry and itchy. Have to wash my hair every day with a tea tree or menthol shampoo or I get terrible itching!!!! A hair dresser told me that it looked different than dandruff, but I never went to a dermatologist to have it checked out. I asked her because at that point I had tried all sorts of dandruff shampoos and none worked for more than a week. Could be dermatitis, psoriasis, or eczema I guess.

Stupid hair!
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You might benefit from a. Biotin shampoo plus taking biotin,some have found improvement from taking 2000 micrograms daily.
My hair became drastically thin and I decided to take the biotin as above daily and wash my hair every other day.
When I had the itching I used olive oil followed by a vinegar rinse,this helped the itching quite a bit.
Now my hair has recovered well and the hairdresser said soon he will have to thin it a bit,
So far I won't let him!
I did not find the dermatologist at all helpful ...she decided it was due to my weakened condition and did nothing for me
It would be advisable for you to pursue the cause of the itching with a dermatologist or at least your Family physician
You could be reacting to your meds.
Feel better soon
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Thanks Trysha! I will try the olive oil and vinegar rinse. I had tried apple cider vinegar which worked ok. I have to make an appointment with my GP in August so I will have to mention it. I think I need a referral from him to see the dermatologist.

I don't think it is from meds. Had the issue from before medication. Seems to go in cycles.
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I'm losing my hair too, patches as well as general thinning. My dermatologist prescribed Finasteride and zinc.
I think the finasteride is the generic version of Propecia. Because I'm female I take 1/5 of the male dose, one tablet every 5 days. And I think it's finally helping! These seem to be a lot of very short hairs so I'm hoping they are regrowth.

I've also started taking Biotin, hoping that will hep with the general thinning. If nothing else the zinc has really improved my nails and I no longer suffer from scaly patches on the skin of my face.

Hope your gp will refer you to a good dermatologist!
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Hi there,
I had problem scalp and dry hair for about two years. No shampoo worked, even doctor prescribed. I saw an advert in a beauty programme on T.V. by accident, and tried their recommendation for itchy scalp, not dandruff!
It worked!!! Try Molton Brown Indian Cress conditioner a few times a week, leaving it in for 4 or 5 minutes before rinsing out { shampooing hair first , of course ] They also do a shampoo but I found the conditioner works!!! You only need a thimble full of product each time, so it lasts for 4 to 5 months. You can buy it in any good departmental store or online on their site.
Good luck. I hardly need to use it now, but sometimes if my scalp begins to feel sore I use it for a while.
Best wishes.

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