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09-17-2015, 08:29 PM   #1
Katie M
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Amazing experience with mung bean tea

But first a bit of background. in January of 2006 I was diagnosed with extremely severe crohns colitis. I had never heard of IBD before and just thought it was bad food poisoning(!) I was visiting the bathroom upwards of 30 times per 24 hour period. My stools were small and pasty and full of blood. I ended up in hospital severely dehydrated etc. Over the next four years I was in and out of hospital, was frequently on intraveinous hydrocortisone. I developed an allergy to infliximab and was eventually placed on humira. i also tried reflexology various naturopaths, I was totally paranoid about my diet, I took all manner of supplements. I was always anaemic etc etc. My biggest breakthrough came with chinese medicine. I tool traditional chinese herbs prescribed for me by a certified practitioner and had accupuncture regularly an improved dramatically, although I still had a couple of flare ups. Then my dr of chinese med recommended mung bean tea. Simply soak 1 cup mung bean over night in water to cover. Drain and add two litres water and boil until the water coloursup a nice browny yellowy green (not too brown). Drain off the liquid. Discard beans or feed em to someone with a robust digestion (I find too much of the bean causes stomach ache). I try and drink minimum 1 cup per day, but if i am symtomatic I will drink up to two litres over a day. IT STOPS FLARE UPS. Absolutely amazing.

I am embarrassed to say it took me a while to try it, it sounded to ridiculously simple, but it is great.

Now I visit the bathroom on average 3-4 times per day and it is formed (due to extreme scarring of my rectum and colon I have to go a couple of times per day, my colon and rectum can't stretch to store poop.) But it is formed. And I have not been admitted to hospital for nearly five years. My iron levels are so good I am not allowed to take iron supplement.

Apparently mung beans are extremely anti inflammatory and anti bacterial and detoxifying! And cheaper than weekly accupuncture!

I would be interested to know if it helps others?
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Thanks for sharing Katie!
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Wow, I've never heard of that before, thanks for sharing! Oh yes, my intestines would not be rebust enough to digest the beans.
How long did it take for you to see results with the tea?
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Katie M
Join Date: Sep 2015
Hi Charlotte
yeah, it was amazing when I realised something that was so simple is for me effective. When he recommended I try it and I finally did I noticed the effect twelve hours later or so. Within twenty four hours. I find the mung bean is a significant symptom supressor, acting as soon as it gets to the colon and acting for at least twenty four hours. In the past I have noticed that if I don't have it for two days or so, then I become gassier, runier, more frequent (etc etc) and if I do take the tea I am pretty symptomless. At the moment I am actually finding I can go for a week without the tea, and so I am assuming my overall condition is better than it was. Whether or not this is in part owing to the mung bean tea helping in aid longer term healing I do not know. For a long time it just seemed to be symptom relief (but excellent, fast acting and symptom free!) And I think I mentioned in my initial post, but incase I didn't, I was on humira and azathioprine when I started the mung bean tea, and I still wasn't settled on those two medications, going up to 8 times per day unformed, and my gastro was threatening removal of the colon etc. But I do not know if the mung bean tea would be sufficient without the humira (I am off the azathioprine), and I am not going to go off it to find out! But the humira alone wasn't enough.

Also relevant, I think, is that when I initially saw my doctor of traditional chinese medicine (not just someone who does accupuncture but they do herbs as well), they said I had three underlying issues that were affecting my digestion and general health. I had 'stagnant liver issues' which were related to feelings of anger and frustration, when this occurs digestion suffers (read stress I guess). I also had issues with 'damp' which referrs to digestion being inadequate. Things like I cannot digest much sugar, or raw fruit or raw vegetable. And lastly I showed signs of 'heat' or inflammation. I had had herbs and accupuncture addressing these areas and made life style changes (to handle stress and optimise digestion) before I started the mung bean tea. These days my liver qi and spleen qi (stress and digestive strength) are generally ok, but I still have issues with heat and the mung bean tea targets that. I do not know if I would have seen great results from the mung bean tea if the other areas were not under control. For example last Christmas I ate too much pudding and chocolate, got a bit wobbly, mung bean tea didn't help, went for accupuncture and lo and behold I was damp, but accupuncture fixed that.

Hope that helps!!
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Thank you so much! I seem to have problems with sugar as well, and, as most of us, anything raw or hard to digest, but also grains, dairy, fruit (I'm also vegetarian), so my diet is pretty restricted at the moment.
I've been following the chinese medicine path as well for more than half a year (herbs, acupuncture) as an additional treatment with no success, but haven't heard of mung bean tea. So, that would be worth a try, especially as you started seeing results within a day, thank you so much, Katie!

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