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Newly diagnosed and worried-- anyone else with constipation type?

Well, just got the results of my biopsy back which confirmed my doctor's diagnosis of Crohn's. I'm still trying to figure out how to approach this illness--what doctors I need, etc. My husband is disabled with a chronic illness, and to have a chronic disease myself is a real shock. I'm a 45 year old working Mom with a demanding job and two sons in middle school. Needless to say, I'm stressed beyond belief about this.

I've been in and out of the hospital six times this year (twice for a week) with excruciating abdominal pain. The GI and surgeon at the hospital totally missed it. The one who found it was my bariatric surgeon, who went looking last week for an internal hernia as the possible case of my pain--and found Crohn's. I have some narrowing of the intestine, inflammation, and two big lesions/ growths all in my ileal region of my small intestine.

One thing I'm discovering in my reading is that most people present with diarrhea. I have had occasional loose stools, but mostly I'm extremely constipated. Like, no BM for ten days or more constipated. I do sometimes have loose stool afterwards, but not like people here talk about. My main symptom has been pain--very intense, scream in agony, pain. I also had a major gastric bleed in March--which they thought was an ulcer at the time. I have joint pain, arthritis, low vitamin D and anemia. Fatigue. Nausea at times.

I'm trying to find info on diet for Crohn's that presents as constipation. There are mentions that it does happen, but all the diet advice seems to be for those with diarrhea. I take Colace daily, and I've tried Miralax, but I find it hard to tolerate. All my dietary needs are complicated by the fact that I've had a gastric bypass, so I'm already at a disadvantage digestion-wise. Any suggestions for constipation type diets? Or words of wisdom about dealing with the stress?
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Welcome. I am sorry for what you are going through. There is a section in here that specifically deals with diet. You should check it out. Sometimes, I deal with constipation. My doctor's office told me when you have Crohn's Disease that sometimes your brain will trick you into thinking you have to go when you don't.
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Do you have any hobbies that can distract you from the stress?
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The right meds - when he started biologics things improved a lot with his bm
Staying ahead of constipation

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Getting on the right meds is key
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I don't have any advice at present, but did want to take the time to welcome you to the community. I wish you all the best.
It's good to be back

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