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Dancing with a seton

Hello fellow fistula sufferers.

I am on my third seton, the last two being thread like, my current seton is the thicker kind- a glorious yellow colour. I also had part of the fistula tract laid out. The latest procedure was four weeks ago and I am fed up of my weak body and need to build it up again.

I wonder how long it will be before I can go back to Zumba and Yoga. Anyone any ideas?

Also even though I was advised not to I went to a spa and in a hot tub when my last seton was in and just covered the wound with 360 degree waterproof plasters. Just wondered if anyone has risked swimming at all? When I asked my surgeon he said not with an open wound but I haven't been in the sea, swimming pool etc for nearly 3 years and I feel like swimming would be the ideal non- weight bearing exercise for me.

Any advice gratefully received, thanks Carly :-)
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I think you'd be okay to swim and be active so long as it doesn't hurt. I don't have a seton...yet (had a disastrous fistula surgery so far...) but I talked to my new surgeon about seton stitches and she said you can swim, dance, yoga everything - provided you are not hurting. I should imagine it isn't a good idea to go swimming for a few months after having it put in, but after that I'd think you'd be fine. I'm really active and I was concerned about how a seton would affect my dance classes, yoga classes and swim sessions. She said I'd be fine. Just wish I'd never had the fistula surgery...should have asked for a seton instead.
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I had a seton put in September 2014 and it's never ever caused me any pain or discomfort. The only time I know it's there is when I go to the toilet and I can feel it. I've been swimming, dancing, done everything I normally would. If it's causing pain then you should take care and maybe stick to something light. Whilst mine hasn't been particularly successful I've never had a problem with it.

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I should add that I don't have crohns, I joined this forum because I could not find anyone else to talk to who understood what its like to have a seton. (After a failed drain and packing, failed plug procedure, failed LIFT procedure and now partial fistulotomy plus seton placement I too feel that seton is the only thing I can get some consistency with)

I have not yet started to exercise much but have managed a bit of zumba however the pain is still quite strong in one bottom cheek so I daren't try anything else at the minute.

Thanks so much for your replies. xx
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Dear CarlyL. I dont think it will be an good idea to go for a swim with after seton surgery. reason being pool water is mixed with chlorine and it could possibly interfere with the wound healing process. I was definitely told not to go for swim. Did they put a cutting seton or non cutting seton?
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Hi all, I have not yet braved swimming for reasons some of you have stated. My Seton is a loose non-cutting one. As I said earlier I would use my 360 degree medical plasters to cover the area if I did decide to be brave.

What I did do tonight was my first hour long zumba class in a long time and I took it easy and seemed to be fine. Hopefully I will still be fine in the morning. But it felt good after 5 months of walking as my only exercise.

Thank you all for your advice and comments. Hope you are all keeping well. ��
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Nice one on the zumba class! I'm off to the gym tomorrow eve - feeling that new year motivation

Planning a beach holiday for September, so it better bloody well be ok to swim with it!

I was told by a registrar (not consultant) that swimming, including in a lake, would be ok. And that since it's not exactly sterile down there anyway, it wouldn't make much difference in terms of infection risk.

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