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How long?

How long does it take for all the stuff you drink for the enterography to clear. I had it done Monday. Thanks.
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For me, it took about 2-3 days!
19 year old female,
Crohns dx: March 2014 at 16 years old,
Past medications/treatment: 5 and 7.5 mg/kg Remicade every 4-8 weeks, Pentasa, EEN nutrition with Boost Plus (10 weeks), Prednisone
Current medication: 10 mg/kg Remicade every 7-8 weeks, 50 mg 6 MP daily, and vitamin D supplement

In remission!
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Thanks, Laura.

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Ok, I know the term but for the life of me can't remember what it is.

I had a CT scan with contrast and I was bleeding by the time I got home. So I would say quickly, the small bowel series was a little longer although it has always taken about 30 min to make its way through! Had to fight with the X-ray tech to run to the bathroom, no he said- that shouldn't be happening yet, my answer? Ran to the bathroom came back and said
and in a perfect world I would not have CD.


Diagnosed= 1992 and again Feb 2012 Confirmed with
CT enterography May 2015 !!

Waiting for the ok from my Ins company to restart Remicade. Will also start Imuron to get into remission!
I know it's out there somewhere and I WILL find it!

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I have no idea i had a ct scan on wednesday , that contrast is some nasty stuff!

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