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Genital involvement

About 6 months ago I noticed a swelling in my right labia which was quite marked. I got a referral to a gynaecologist who with hardly a glance said it was just veins. I wasn't satisfied as it didn't look like veins so got another referral to another gynaecologist who said she thought it was related to my crohns. She phoned my gastroenterologist who agreed. The swelling has now spread and into my buttock and around my anus. It is bright red and looks bruised in some areas. I feel really embarrassed as it looks so gross, and I am due to get married in 2 months...thankfully my fiancé is very supportive. I don't seem to be able to get the doctors to see how worried I am about it. I had a melt down this afternoon and had a little girly cry. I just started on humira about 6 weeks ago too and am wondering if the increasing redness and inflammation might mean there is an infection. I am not due to see my gastro for about a month but I feel this should have some steroids or antibiotics or something. It's all very depressing. Does anyone else have this problem.
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Does it hutrt? Do you have a fever? A fever could be a sign that the area is infected. I haven't heard of the symptoms you are having, but I would call both your Gi and your GYN and see if either of them could squeeze you in ASAP for an appointment. Or at least have a phone conversation with each of them. It sounds like something that shouldn't wait to be seen.
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Thanks tzvia. I went to my GP. I did have a fever and she sent me straight to hospital from her rooms. An MRI showed I had a massive abscess related to the crohns. I went for surgery to drain it and now on iv antibiotics and feeling a lot better and much more comfortable. Probably will need more surgery once inflamation subdued as they think they can see a fistula on the mri. Oh joy.
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That must be a relief for you to receive caring and prompt treatment.
Hope everything will soon swiftly resolve and that it will all be out of the way for you to enjoy your wedding day.
Feel better soon
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Glad you are starting to feel better. Best wishes for continued improvement. ☺

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