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Vision Issues.

Anyone experience vision Issues while on Humira? I have been experiencing dark spots and floaters recently and my eye doctors don't see anything wrong even after a barrage of tests. Optic Neuritis has been associated with Humira but everyone says my optic nerves look fine. My prescription has remained steady.

Anyone else experience this?
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I am on Humira myself. I have only seen black spots once. I hope you get answers soon.
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I had optic neuritis (pre crohns diagnosis and was on no medications). The pain was more crippling than when I had a perforated bowel. Everything was white. I went to eye casualty and they diagnosed it straight away after putting something in my eye that made my pupil larger. Interestingly it was missed when I went to see an optician. Sounds unlikely to be ON if you have had the same tests I had in hospital. But I would be cautious as I have read humira can cause neurological issues. I don't think I am allowed to ever take humira due to my history with this random episode of ON

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