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What to expect ??

I'm going in for my first surgery at the end of this month to have 20 inches of my ileum removed. I've have Crohns for nearly 20 years now since I was 15 and I'm nervous as I don't know what to expect. Can anyone who has been through this operation give me some ideas please.
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Hi. They usually try to get you up walking as soon as possible. Try to walk as much as possible. Make sure that you have books, puzzles or anything you enjoy doing while you are in your hospital bed. They will probably start you off on foods such as possible. When you get home, go slow on the food at first. Shortly after I got home, I asked for seconds on something and it was too much for my system at the time. It will probably be several weeks before you will be able to lift anything above twenty to twenty five pounds. When you get a chance, let us know how you are doing.
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Are you having open or laparoscopic? I had open surgery and it took about 6 weeks before I was moving around pretty well. The first week is tough/painful, but it gets better. I lost a lot of weight. They don't want you to,leave hospital until your bowels start moving again. In the end, I felt a lot better than I did before surgery.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
Good luck!
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thanks. Its laparoscopic im having done. im sure everything will be ok but I just wish I knew what was going to happen.
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Support and prayers.

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Hi London
Two years ago I had a right hemicolectomy with laparoscopic surgery .....and the following year a left hemicolectomy,sigmoidectomy.
It's amazing what the body can take.
You will be just fine....it's the fear of the unknown that gets us going about these things...but when the alternative is considered we are left with little choice if life is to be lived.
Good luck and speedy recovery
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I've had Crohn's for almost 14 years now and I had 40 inches of my jejunum removed in late October of last year, so not quite three months ago, after being hospitalized by three small bowel obstructions in less than a year. This was my first surgery due to the disease. My surgery was done at the University of Chicago. I had a great experience there. I actually work as a GI procedure nurse doing EGDs, colonoscopies, ERCPs, EUS, etc. I went in for surgery on a Friday morning (started laparoscopically, but ended up opening me up so I have a small incision and three laparoscopic puncture scars), was walking that evening, got my catheter and NG tube out on Saturday morning, started liquids on Sunday, soft foods on Monday, and was discharged on Tuesday. Returned to work after four weeks of recovery (probably could have went back sooner, but decided to take my time healing)

There was severely active Crohn's disease in the 40 inches of small bowel that they removed, so the doctors at the University of Chicago recommended I switch from Remicade to Stelara. I got my first dose of Stelara (after a long battle with my insurance company) this past Thursday. Since surgery my labs are all back to normal and I am able to eat what I want without any fears of getting obstructed. I have not felt this great since being diagnosed with Crohn's. I recently was able to start exercising and plan on getting back into great shape!

I really hope that you have as great of an experience with your surgery as I have had!
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Hi, Don't worry, the surgeons know what they are doing. I don't know where you are in the world, but, if like me, you are in the UK, then the NHS is fantastic. If you are attending St. Marks in Harrow, so much the better.
I had a very similar op 38 years ago, I have had Crohn's for 55 years, and this was my first, and last surgery, and I was so much better after the disease was removed.
Pain is transitory, and will soon go, and you should be out of bed within 48 hours, I was, and I was discharged about a month after the op, mainly as I was on TPN, and needed to be more than the 6 stone I was.
Try finding the IBD nurse at your hospital, they definitely DO know everything, and will talk to you and allay all your doubts and fears.
You are probably feeling grim from the Crohn's at the present, but after surgery you will feel 1,000% better, and should be able to do anything you wish.
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I had a resection (60cms) and stricture removal Nov 30th. I have a temp loop ileostomy. My surgery was at 8pm and 12 hours later they gave me french toast & rice krispies for breakfast. I was walking the same day, catheter removed day 2. In hospital 9 days. Required no pain meds at all. Normal surgical tenderness. Recoup has been normal, low fiber, but somewhat normal diet now, and no CD pain. Best decision ever.

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