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IV aftermath

Just wondering if anyone has had an iv and then a few weeks later developed a very itchy, puffy (when scratched) and red blotch around the sight. I actually have two spots. One on my hand from the first attempt and one where the iv actually went on my inner arm. And in fact the bruise that came of it stayed for about two weeks and once it subsided the redness and itch is about the same area. Both spots are itchy.
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I would go have it checked out by the doctor.
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Sounds like maybe urticaria (hives), possibly due an allergic reaction to something.

My first approach to pretty much any red, itchy skin spots is to try applying over-the-counter cortisone cream. If that doesn't begin to help after about 3 or 4 days then I visit the doctor.
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I agree that it sounds like an allergic reaction. Do you know if you have any allergies to common medications like penicillin or neomycin?
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I am allergic to lots of things. One being penicillin but the reaction is far worse than this. It seems that this is phlebitis, which appears to be a fairly common complication of an iv. Basically an inflammation of the vein. Go figure....its always something!
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Yep I've had that too. I'm allergic to the tape so have to have paper tape. It could have been infiltration at the site.

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