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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Remicade/Infliximab » Severe sinus issues

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Severe sinus issues

When I first stared remicade I got 3 sinus infections with like 5 days of relief between antibiotics, after the third round I had a week or so of relief and then I started having issues again. My nose is dry and stuffed and cracks and bleeds. There was an issue with my remicade and I ended up needing to switch infusion centers and while I was waiting to switch and already a week late the pressure got so bad I ruptured both of my ear drums and ended up on antibiotics so I got my infusion almost a month late, but there was over a week I wasn't on antibiotics and my nose was fine. Now a week after my infusion my nose is stuffed and dry and awful.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there something that can help? If the trade off is my crohns symptoms are better for my nose being awful it's still worth it, but I do enjoy the ability to breathe through my nose.
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Sorry for what you are going through.

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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Remicade/Infliximab » Severe sinus issues
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