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Potential Upcoming Surgery

First of all, I am so thankful for having access to resources such as online forums to vent frustrations and obtain ideas on how to manage such a frustrating disease. I was diagnosed with CD back in 2001 and had an emergency hemi-colo surgery in 2007. Since then I've been on 6-MP and about a year ago started Remicade. About once a month I experience an episode of extreme pain in lower abdominal area. The pain consists of cramping and bloating - feels like a partial blockage and takes a few hours to subside.

Recent MRI shows matting at the connection point between my colon and small intestine. My GI referred me to a colo-rectal surgeon and she suggested surgery.

I'm so stressed. Should I get a second opinion from both another surgeon and another GI doctor? It doesn't appear that the Remicade and 6-MP are working effectively. Do I live with periodic pain?

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I would not live with the pain. Your doctor may need to change medicines for you. You may want second opinions.
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That sounds pretty rough. Feel so bad for you! I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to get a second or even third opinion.
As for me my surgery was emergency. My bowel had perforated although we didn't know that at the time. Then they removed 8" of my small intestine, a little bit of my large, and my appendix. Initially they thought I had appendicitis.
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I also like second opinions....two ones found different things on my MRI. Hey how do you do a post again? Having a brain fart.
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Go to the top of the section you are in and it will say something like start new thread or something like that. Press there and start your new topic.

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