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04-07-2017, 09:47 AM   #1
Holistic Healing for Crohns and the Gut! Support Group

About this Support Group

This forum is created for alternative medicine. If you are committed to healing your gut naturally without any pharmaceutical drugs, please share what is working for you (and what hasn't). Happy Healing to All of You!


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04-07-2017, 10:21 AM   #2
I was diagnosed with a MILD case of Crohns about 2 weeks ago (minor inflammation at the end of small intestine and in rectum). I am currently on Vitamin Code "50 and Wiser" multivitamin (yes, I'm 33 taking old lady vitamins, haha), Turmeric and black pepper capsules (Amazon), Women's probiotics, Fish oil, Iron (I've always been anemic), B12, Wild Oregano oil (2 drops every morning under the tongue) and BONE broth (lots of it!) A quick Google search will educate you on the importance of Bone broth to your gut, and overall wellness.

So far so good, I have no pain or diarrhea at all, but still some light bleeding, the rectum is hard to heal! This week I have eaten nothing but soft foods and mostly broth, also limited my Gluten intake and plan to ween myself off of it altogether along with dairy. I had a small amount of plain Kefir, something I used to drink a lot before being diagnosed, and it just about killed my poor tummy. I'm guessing this could be because I'm in a flare. Otherwise, after a rough week last week (brain fog, fatigue, weakness, crankiness, etc) I am feeling totally back to normal!

How are you feeling?
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Saskia and Seamus
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Hi HH,
I'm a mum with a 9 yr old who's had crohns since birth, and have tried many alt therapies, if you can get arsenicum album homeopathic remedy - LIQUID DROPS - and now we are just starting on oregano oil protocol of Jini Patel Thompson, it seems to be working after only four days! see my post on parent's support group, I have to go cook dinner now but will carry on with this tomorrow.
Hugs and hope,

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Holistic Healing for Crohns and the Gut! Support Group
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