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The Sound of Silence

Hi. I've been living with a stoma for a year. Most of my colon was removed during the surgery. I've Crohn's.

My main problem is the noise my stoma makes, especially in places like libraries. I have to go to a library and sit there for hours every day. You know, it is kind of embarrassing when it makes noise in that silent environment, and due to that I sometimes get a little paranoid too.

I've done some research, and some people suggest that mixing peppermint oil with water, and drinking it regularly helps.
Has anyone tried that?

I avoid foods that'd increase intestinal gas, to reduce the noise. But I don't know what else I can do.

Are there any other effective ways to reduce the noise my stoma makes?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't have a stoma but my tummy often makes really gurgle noises that you can hear from across the room. I tried peppermint tea which helped a bit but I don't like the taste. Ginger tea helped most.

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