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Any ideas

Havnt been here in a while guys had colonoscopy done six weeks ago or more came back clear put the idea of Crohn's totally to the back of my mind 2 weeks later I'd vaginal thrush mouth ulcers tiredness again mixed bowel movements ignoring the symptoms went to pharmacy who said that he would give me over the counter treatment butility I must go to doctor if keep coming back 4 weeks later all is back and I'm exhausted waiting on fistula repair wich I hear will be in August I have no further appointments with consultant i have no idea what's going on with me at all I'm having bloods done tomorrow I dunno where to go from here bit I know something is not right ?
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Maybe your doctor needs to do some more testing. Also, maybe you need some iron or b12 for the tiredness. I would ask your doctor. I wish you the best.
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You're right Ron I just looked at my blood requests for the morning seems she's testing both and cpr I thought if the large colon was clear I was just having a run of bad luck but I'm sure something is up ? Thanks Ron hope you are well
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Hi Amac,

I hope things get better for you. Are you on steroids? I'm not sure about yeast, but my dermatologist doc says fungal infections can go wild if you are on steroidal drugs like betamethasone or prednisone. When I was given topical betamethasone I was told the rash on my leg,(turned out to be what we believe to be eczema) would go away in three days to a week or it would go absolutely crazy and get drastically worse. I was lucky and it went away. That's all I can think of.

Best wishes to you, keep in touch,

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Hi cmack hope you well also no I'm not on any Meds as they found nothing in large colon so I was delighted to say the least but I do wonder what's going on hopefully the bloods will answer some questions first time inflamatory markers have been tested x

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