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Thiamine ''vitamin B1'' treatment

Anyone had their levels of thiamine checked?
Studies have shown high dose thiamine supplements helps relieve fatigue in IBD.
This is a test that is most often overlooked and is not done during regular bloodwork.
It has also helped people with CFS.
Some vitamins might be borderline and thus creating fatigue as an early symptom.
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Hi, I take thiamine daily (100mg am and pm) but haven't noticed any improvement in fatigue levels. I have been taking them since Nov last year after a hospital stay where they presumably checked B1 levels. I didn't actually realise it was meant to help with fatigue.

Is what I'm taking considered to be a high or low dose? I would be interested to know if an increase would be possible as sometimes I'm exhausted by the early afternoon.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Thiamine ''vitamin B1'' treatment
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