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Use of Entyvio and TNF A blocker too

Have any of you used Entyvio along with a biological such as remicade, Humira or cimzia? There have not been any trials, according to my gastro, and only some anecdotal evidence that a combination can work even better. Clearly, if it did, insurance would be a issue.

Both of them would not have been prescribed for crohns, but better crohns relief may have occurred.
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I asked my doctor's office anout using both entyvio and Humira and they said no

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My daughter is on a combination of two biologics. She was on Entyvio + a biologic for her Ankylosing Spondylitis (not an anti-TNF).

Within two doses of Entyvio, she got drug-induced Lupus. Her GI had never seen drug-induced Lupus with Entyvio before and especially not that quickly, so she does wonder about it being the combination of biologics and not just Entyvio.

Now she is on an anti-TNF and IL-17. The anti-TNF is for her Crohn's, the IL-17 inhibitor is for her arthritis. So far, her Crohn's is definitely getting better, but her AS remains a mess.
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I wanted to add - her GI and rheumatologist only agreed to do this because she has severe Ankylosing Spondylitis and we had already tried anti-TNFs by themselves (Remicade, Humira, Simponi) for the AS and Crohn's. The Crohn's responded, but the AS didn't which is why we moved on to other biologics.

They were very hesitant to put her on two biologics but we had tried everything else to avoid it (MTX, Imuran, Imuran with Allopurinol, Entocort, Sulfasalazine etc) and nothing worked.
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Two biologics are not recommended for the same disease
If one pathway is how the disease works in an individual then only one biologic is needed
If it's a different pathway
Then you need a different type of biologic
Not two
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I came across this ongoing study a while ago: Triple combo therapy phase 4:
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So far no guideline recommends the use of two biologics.
Maybe new studies or trial will help understand better if that could help.

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