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HELP 17 year old son diagnosed with UC

Hope someone can help. My 17 year old son was diagnosed with UC in March of 2017. It started with long multiple belches and then vomiting. I brought him to the dr who said it was a stomach virus and prescribed nausea meds. It continued so i brought him to ER room to be hydrated and stop his stomach from spasming. They did barium test and said it was colitis. I brought him to a gastro specialist, had a colonoscopy done and was diagnosed with UC. He was prescribed Lliada and was ok for about a month. Then the horrible long multiple belching and vomiting started again. Dr put him on Pentasa. He was ok for a couple of weeks. Horrible long belching vomiting started again. Dr acted as if he didn't remember this was why i brought him there in the first place and did an upper endoscopy. Biopsy didn't find anything but said there mild issue with stomach lining. Dr didn't think that was important. Put him on prednisone and back on Lliada. He now has the horrible long belching vomiting again. I do not think this is related to the UC but don't know what else to do.

Has anyone else had this issue with UC?
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Welcome. I am sorry for all your son is going through. There is a section in here called Parents of Kids with ibd. You might want to post in there also. I am going to tag Maya 142, my little penguin
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thank you so much!
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Hello, welcome to the forum

Personally I have Crohn's not UC so my situation is slightly different but during my early diagnosis vomiting was a big problem for me, and even now nausea is a common occurrence.

I have heard of some UC patients having issues with vomiting and nausea, but I think it is more common in people with Crohn's. I noticed you said they saw a slight issue with the stomach lining, did they elaborate on this at all? Sometimes the act of vomiting itself does cause irritation and some inflammation to the stomach walls, but I would be inclined to have this monitored incase there's more to it than that.

If the irritation/inflammation persists then it could be a sign that your son has Crohn's or another issue going on. It's fairly common for people to be initially diagnosed with UC and then have the diagnosis changed when inflammation is found later on. I can't say whether this is what's happening in the case of your son, as there are many possible causes for stomach irritation, but it might be worth looking into this if things don't settle.

If this continues to happen then it could be worth seeking a second opinion. At the very least it sounds like his doctors need to take more of an interest in your concerns regarding your sons symptoms.

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