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Is My Remicade Really Good

Hi, my name is Toshiba, and I was diagnosed with Crohn's 12 years ago. I wish I could say I was a veteran when it came to knowing about my disease, but I'm not. My son was just diagnosed a year ago with Crohn's and I find that I'm learning a lot now that he has it. I have been on Remicade for quite a few years, but I have as of lately, been finding that I get a sour stomach more frequently in between my treatments, anybody else have this issue?
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When I was on it, it seemed like when it got close to time for the next treatment my symptoms started showing up.
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Like Ron, I found myself becoming symptomatic when I was close to getting my infusion. As such my interval went from 8 weeks to 7,6 and now 5 weeks. Eventually the Remicade will not be as effective for me so I will switch to another biological

Speak to your GI about reducing the interval between infusions.

Good luck!
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I'm in the process of switching from Humira to remicade since I've been flaring on Humira. I'm hoping the same doesn't happen on remicade. I've been doing some research and haven't come across any definite info on whether one carries greater risks over the other (specifically cancers). I was nervous starting Humira and now feeling the same way with remicade. I know untreated I'm worse off and when I'm flaring I may as well not even exist because I can't function. But still the risks of meds scare me.
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I hop remicade brings you in remission.

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I had this experience as well. You may need to change your interval.
However, you may also be developing antibodies, which is unfortunately common with Remicade. Your doctor may want to check the drug level in your blood.

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