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Im new to this

I had my gallbladder removed feb 2016. It was a complete mess he said which didnt show up on scans...the diarrhea never got better only worse. I have all the symptoms of crohns. Ive had colonoscopies in the past by my pcp dr...and am now waiting to get into a gastro dr...says appt is dropping weight like nothing and it is really scaring..some would say its a good thing but for me its not..i cant even hold water and crackers in...a boost nutrient drink goes thru me...goin to the potty over twenty times a day daily is not right...i just want answers...please someone give me some advice. I suffer from Dysgenesis from the Corpus Callosum with tge Absence of the Rostrum and Epilepsy very sick and this is just adding to it...PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
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Welcome. I am sorry for all you are going through. I hope they can get you into the gi asap. They will probably want to run tests on you. I would try to stay on bland foods for right now. Please when you get a chance keep us appraised on how you are.
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Im on bland foods now...i have a hard time even havin an miserable...the abdominal cramps are horrible and the hoslitals seem to not care
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Can you go to the ER?

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Hello, welcome to the forum

I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering, but I'm so glad you've found us.

Firstly, you're absolutely right, what your describing isn't normal and definitely needs to be addressed. I can completely understand your fear, before I was diagnosed I dropped a significant amounts of weight and people around me would comment on how lucky I was that I could eat high calorie foods but not gain any weight, but they never understood how serious being malnourished can be.

Many people here will understand how much of a struggle it is when you just cant eat, its never a nice feeling and its no surprise its getting you feeling down. I know you said you're currently on a bland diet, but keeping a little food diary may help you to work out which foods seem a bit safer, keep a record of what you eat and your symptoms before and after. In fact, a general symptom diary recording how severe your pain is and how many bms you have a day can really help show doctors what you're dealing with.

I personally tend not to stick to any one diet, I have coeliac disease so I have to eliminate all gluten, so I'm fairly restricted anyway. I find it best to go with what I feel like at the time, and eat little bits throughout the day rather than pushing myself to eat big meals at set times.

The other thing that can be helpful is trying an oral rehydration solution, in the UK we have a hospital called St Marks which is one of the leading IBD hospitals throughout the world, and one of their doctors created the St Marks solution which is:

20g (six level 5ml spoonfuls) of glucose (sugar)
2.5g (one heaped 2.5ml spoonful) of sodium bicarbonate
3.5g (one level 5ml spoonful) of sodium chloride (salt - table salt is fine)

which you then dilute with one litre of water and sip through the day. It doesn't taste the best but you can add juice or squash to help and it really does make a difference. You can also buy variations of this in powder forms in chemists. Another tip is to try not to drink too much plain water, as this can actually make you more dehydrated by flushing out your electrolytes, so try to add juice and have things like Gatorade. My IBD nurse actually encourages flat soda and ready salted crisps to help get salt into your body.

In terms of your cramps, some over the counter pain meds could be useful, in particular I would recommend something like buscopan which helps stop the spasms which cause the cramps, and peppermint can be really useful. If you need something stronger your PCP should be able to give you something until you can see the specialist, but stay away from NSAIDs like ibprophen. Other wise, you could try something like a hot water bottle or even better sit in a nice bath of hot water and just relax, the heat really helps for a lot of people.

Hopefully it won't be too long before your appointment comes through, but in the meantime try to stay hydrated as much as you can, I wouldn't worry as much about eating big meals, but maybe try to graze through the day. If you get a sudden increase in pain, get a fever and or start to get uncontrolled vomiting then going to the ER is a good idea as these can be signs of serious complications.

If you have any more questions or concerns, or just need to offload please remember we are always here, we may not always know the answers, but at the very least we will try and point you in the right direction and can be a shoulder to cry on. We are all in the same boat here and we all remember what it's like to be in your position so there is no judgement, no need to be embarrassed and no such thing as a silly question.

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Hello and welcome,I'm sorry you're feeling so unwell and no matter that you feel no ones listening to you,you MUST keep going to the Docs. until they do.It could be dangerous to ignore symptoms.Write a list of symptoms,diet etc so that your doc can get a better idea of how sick you feel without you forgetting anything.I had my G.B. removed two years ago and I take a digestive enzyme before meals.I'm not sure if they help because I started to take them two weeks before my op.and have taken them ever since.I do feel quite well mostly.When I am sick,I know it's my crohns acting up and not my lack of a gall bladder.I use Solgar digestive enzymes,which you can buy on-line or at a health food store.Please keep us updated and I hope you feel better soon.You're obviously at the end of your rope.

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