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Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Ensure Juice following Resection?

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Ensure Juice following Resection?

I am six days post surgery, having had terminal ileum resection, 2nd one, last one in 2009.
I am feeling fairly well in myself, although everything I eat seems to go straight through me of course.
I have just phoned my G.P. surgery to ask for a prescription for ensure juice, only to be told that they don't recommend it any more, and I would be better 'popping' down to the chemist and asking for something to build me up.
Now I may be a bit out of touch, as my last surgery was 2009 and I had a different G.P. then, who came out and visited me at home the day after I returned from hospital, and duly prescribed ensure three times daily for how long I cant remember.

Am I being a bit sensitive here in thinking that I wasn't given very good advice and care from this new G.P. surgery, or was this advice to be expected? Apart from the fact that he didn't bother to find out if I have anybody at home that could just 'pop' to the chemist, I would like to know if ensures are not recommended post surgery, or if he was just fobbing me off.
By the way, the hospital fridge was full of them!!

If anybody has come across this with their G.P I would be grateful to know, as still unsure what to take.

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Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Ensure Juice following Resection?
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