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5 days post surgery...feeling low.

Hi all,

I had surgery on my fistula on Tuesday afternoon. The surgeon was optimistic about laying the whole thing open but during the procedure he had to do a partial lay open and put in a seton. He did warn me that it was a slight possibility but I was obviously still disappointed. I have to return on 5th January to see the surgeon again with a possible second operation being needed. He did say he hopes to be able to do a minor procedure in his office depending on healing etc but it may be another general anaesthetic if not.

For the first couple of days I didnít feel too bad. Pain was pretty non existent though I know the general and local anaesthetics would have helped with that. The pain for the next two days seemed manageable with codein and Iíve been eating a high fibre diet and drinking plenty of water along with taking a laxative as advised by the surgeon. Regular sitz baths too.

Today had been pretty hard though. Despite the above routine, I think the pain killers are constipating me too much. I am able to go but itís not soft. This has increased my pain levels to something unbearable. I was in so much pain back there earlier I couldnít even urinate as it was too painful.

It did eventually settle but itís made me feel so drained and fed up. Feels like ive taken a huge step back and now lying here with a feeling of pressure back there and a throbbing pain despite taking the pain meds.

Not sure what to do to be honest. Iím going to call the hospital tomorrow for some advice as my strong pain meds run out tomorrow as they only gave me 5 days supply which I havenít needed the full dose of before now.

Sorry for the moan, I know itís early days and Iím sure things should improve, just feels horrible right now. Not sure if anyone has any advice to manage the pain and constipation?

Thanks so much

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Codein can cause constipation. My doctor gives me stool softeners to counteract the pain meds constipation effect. I would call your doctor as soon as you can. The sooner you get things moving the better. Hope that helps. It has just been my experience.
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I agree with you calling the hospital tomorrow. Let us know how you are.
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I'm surprised the doctor didn't put you on a low fiber or liquids only diet to help let the area heal. I recall when I had my fistulas laid open over 30 years ago that the pain was beyond unbearable. They never healed well, and then led to a major infection that left me with a permanent colostomy 15 or so years later.
Living with the bag has allowed the rectal area to heal up, and keep the CD under control fairly well.
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I tried to contact them today and was waiting for a phone call back which never came. Unfortunately here in the UK we have an NHS which is so overrun and underfunded that this seems to be what happens. Wouldnít change it for the world but itís one negative aspect.

Luckily things have settled a bit today and I had my first taste of prunes. That was an interesting experience but it had the desired effect and made things a bit easier. Still painful but easier.

I am going to make an appointment with my GP tomorrow so they can have a look at things and make sure all looks OK in terms of healing, more to reassure that no infection is present. I will also call the hospital back to see if someone is available to speak to.

I rested plenty today and am feeling better than I did 24 hours ago. I think I will need to learn some patience with this condition and accept that healing is going to take more time than I realised.
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GP appointment went well. She says there is no sign of infection on examination or from my vitals so thatís comforting. She said Iíve been doing a good job of keeping the area clean.

Been given some different medication to help with BMs and she has also given me some more pain relief, though at a lower strength to minimise the constipating effects.

Pain has been less today so Iím hopeful it will keep progressing this way. My GP suggested taking it easy but to take very short walks out of the house each day. Iím to return to her next Monday to see how things are and she said she will extend my sick note if needed depending on how I am feeling.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Fistulas, Fissures and Abscesses » 5 days post surgery...feeling low.
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