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Advice on Applying for Disability

Crohn's started Sept 2006. Never have had pain. No surgeries. One hospitalization when I got stopped up.
Dr. found a stricture in my colon, but it cleared out naturally. That was my second colonoscopy.

1st two GI doctors didn't do much for me. 1st one got me on mesalamine, which made me worse, then he panicked & refused
to treat me any more. 2nd doctor got me off mesalamine, but everything else he tried failed. I quit him about 2010 & just went without
treatment until 2015 when I got stopped up as mentioned above. That's when I met my current doctor. He put on 150mg Imuran per day.

I am a 53 year old white male. Started my career in auto repair in Sept 1982 working after school. March 1987 started my third job, where I worked until June of last year, when the boss decided it was time him to close up the family business after 72 years.

About December 2006 I had to start cutting back on my hours due to crohn's interfering with getting to work on time.
After a few years, I was starting work at 10:30-10:45 am which cut me to 32-33 hours/week. Boss basically let me work my
own schedule & do what I could do. Haven't worked since June 29 2017.

I also had an emergency operation for right side inguinal hernia 2010, and during follow-up, the surgeon found I had one
on the left as well. He wanted to fix it right away. Primary Care Dr. said, leave it alone unless it causes a problem. I took his advice
over the surgeon.

Was diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia concurrently with crohn's in 2006. Had a diagnosis of tachycardia earlier in 2006.

Now I got an external Hemorrhoid.

Current crohn's symptoms: 2-6 BM's/day. Urgency at times, quality varies from watery to small chunks.
Don't see myself being able to leave the house before 9:30-9:45am due to sitting on the toilet in the mornings.
If I have to go in the afternoon, its gonna be at least 15 minutes at a time.

So... what do you think my chances are for getting disability?

All of my education & work experience is automotive repair.

Should I apply online, or ask for an appointment to go to the SS office?

Any other advice/questions?
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I think it might be best to explain it to someone privately and confidentially, so the the SS office is where I would go. I would just make sure it's confidential first. Just my opinion. Good Luck.
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I would contact legal aid and inquire to see if you would qualify. Over here the process is lengthly and can take years. But with persistence and with a legal aid lawyer your chances of success increase.
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Thanks for the responses, but I was hoping for replies from people with actual
experience with the American Social Security Disability system.

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