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Not sure what to think. A's ALT and AST have been consistently elevated for over a year. I honestly wasn't worried. Just figured it was her new normal. The Immunologist called last week, concerned because her AST was 60 (norm is 10-30). Had us repeat labs....51. He hasn't called back to discuss results, just trying to figure out if I should worry or not. She's been over 350 before (from 6mp) and is experiencing some of the same symptoms....but that could also be from adjusting her medication. Thoughts?
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IgG can really mess with blood work
Since itís more often ......
That said she had liver issues with 6-mp (Ds did as well)

Any reoccurring abx ??
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Without the IgG her labs are a mess. So it's not that. Liver numbers were higher on the lower dose of Cellcept....so probably not that either. No antibiotics since November.
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When we were considering Cellcept, we were told it was hard on the liver, if I am remembering correctly.

Sorry, I can't be any more helpful - I hope you can get to the bottom of it soon!
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Her numbers were elevated prior to starting Cellcept....so I don't know.

Found out at today's Pulmo appt that she has lower airway inflammation too. Going to switch to Advair. Things are just a little out of control right now. Bummed.

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