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A Suppository is a Drug Delivery system in which medication is combined with an inert material which together are formed into a "bullet-like" shape for easy insertion into any of the body cavities.

Suppositories are usually designed for insertion into the rectum, urethra or vagina. The inert material melts at body temperature so the drug within the suppository can be absorbed.

Suppositories can be used to locally apply a drug to minimize side effects due to systemic administration, if the drug would be inactivated if taken orally, or if nausea / vomiting are present.


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12-09-2012, 04:23 AM   #1
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I have a question about suppositories. Say you were prescribed more than one medication in suppository form, could you take them both or all at once or should they be done at separate times of the day? Judith do you know?
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